Over Paco Design

PACODESIGN consists of two independent designers (Paul Goedhart & Corina Goedhart Verspoor) who have a real passion for any type of art creation whether it be painting, mosaics, interior design, making music, animations and more.

At PACODESIGN we specialize in providing interior design artwork for both individuals and businesses. Although we are currently located in the Netherlands, we are able to work in any environment due to our 30 years of experience of creating art internationally in India, Indonesia, and Japan which gives us a unique position to provide for the needs of any client or project and combine unique culture styles into our work.

We collaborate with International Design Professionals (Baliworlds, Jimmy Goedhart, Europa Regina) which gives us the opportunity to provide a large variety of design products.



We can discuss the specific style needs and interests with a client and view the space the artwork will be displayed and based on that propose a painting for one space or the artwork for the entire building.

Interior Design Advice
Our Interior Design goes far beyond decorating. Invigorate that outdated space. Reinvent your living room with a fresh new perspective. Create a whole new room for your children. The interior design ideas you need are here, waiting to be discovered. With our International Interior Design partners we can fuse different styles to stir your imagination. You can use part, or all of our room painting ideas, or maybe just use the inspiration to come up with a whole new approach of your own.

Murals and Mosaics
We can create small or large mosaic works with precision and detail.

Commisions and Potraits
We collaborate with artists to create abstract or realistic commissions or portraits with the colors to match inside the space of your home.

Graphic Design
With our partners we can even provide you with graphic and web design for you to show of your new work.

Want to see some of our work? Check out some of our design work or contact us here.